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"Reg-Arm" Company was established in 1986 by Lech Rybinski and Marian Dziechciarski. The initial intention of the company was to design and carry out renovation of KM-251 excavators in order to lengthen their life. The intention was successfully and fully realized thanks to the appropriate selection of qualified personnel and innovative technical solutions.

Observation of Polish market and its needs led to gradual transformation of the company's activities After detailed analysis of technical documentation and requirements "REG-ARM" took up regeneration of all types of industrial fittings. Over time most plants and companies all over Poland began to work with us. Clients' trust allowed our company to concentrate on the food industry which resulted in the introduction of heaters for smoking chambers. Success in this branch allowed broadening the scope of production to all types of heaters. In 1993 observation of feedstuff as well as cereal and milling industries resulted in the production of chains for conveyors of our own innovative design.

Further development enabled the production of complete "REDLER" chain conveyors which became REG-ARM's leading product.

Our activities include the following elements:

Thanks to many-years' collaboration with numerous companies all over Poland our production programme and capacity enable us to accept all, even the most untypical, orders, giving our customers the convenience of being able to place orders in one company only. If there is a weak link in your process we will try to design changes in order to make it strong.

Our products are processed in the following ways:

We accept orders for quantities from 1 piece.
We have our own transport at our disposal.

We have our own transport at our disposal.: Izba Przemysowo-Handlowa w Rzeszowie IZBA

Our motto is:

You are welcome to use our services.

Yours sincerely
Marian Dziechciarski, Lech Rybinski

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